Hi! I am Manon.

Growing up around the love of film, music and dance, it became obvious to me to support these industries with my knowledge. My bachelor and master’s degree in the Université Polytechnique Haut de France brought me the theoretical as well as technical knowledge necessary to film. 

I have had the opportunity to work as a cinematographer / director of photography on various projects such as documentaries, fictions, dance videos, music videos

You can watch a selection of my work if you go to the portfolio tab.

I always love to discuss with a director and find out the best way to make the audience feel through images. The most important thing to me is communication during a project to be able to create images which work as metaphors for the story or the message to tell. 

Speaking fluently English, French and German allows me to work on internationals productions as well, which is always a wonderful experience.

I am also fascinated by practical effects, puppetry, body painting, video mapping, light design, stop motion... so I love to film a project including one or more of these fields.

Science fiction, dance, thriller, historical drama, music, horror, art, experimental, documentary… let’s make your next film together !

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